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The algoLAB offers live courses that help software engineers get jobs at FAANG or Tier-1 companies and earn $250K TC or more.

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Coding Patterns Discussed in Live Sessions

  • Sliding Window

  • Islands (Matrix Traversal)

  • Two Pointers

  • Fast & Slow Pointers

  • Merge Intervals

  • Cyclic Sort

  • Backtracking

  • 0/1 Knapsack

  • Topological Sort (Graph)

  • Tree Breadth First Search

  • Tree Depth First Search

  • Two Heaps

  • Subsets

  • Modified Binary Search

  • Bitwise XOR

  • Top 'K' Elements

  • K-way Merge

  • Multi-threaded

Successful students from our tribe

Masterclass for Ultimate Preparation

With our years of experience in interviewing engineers at top companies, and helping countless others prepare for these interviews, we have come up with a unique and proven methodology to train software engineers for hard coding interviews.You will undergo rigorous learning during the masterclass using the following methods.

Technical Prep

  • Lessons on coding patterns

  • System design lessons

  • Coaching sessions

  • Practice secrets

  • Accountability partners

Mentorship and Career Guidance

  • Your personal mentor

  • Mock interviews

  • Career planning

  • Salary negotiation

  • Industry expert sessions

Success Skills

  • Behavioral interviewing

  • Mindset training

  • Climbing the career ladder

  • Giving and receiving feedback

Support Finding Your Dream Job

  • Access to a private network of professionals

  • Career coach

  • Resume review

  • Job hunting groups

  • Referrals to our hiring partners

Guest Speakers and Coaches

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About Us

Key highlights of our core team:

  • Led by Touseef Liaqat, a former software engineer from Meta, Microsoft, and Airbnb

  • Coaches include authors of the famous Grokking System Design and Coding courses

  • Our coaches have interviewed hundreds of engineers at top companies

  • Grokking courses helped 60K+ engineers get jobs at FAANG and Tier-1 companies

Hired people

Coding Live Course

$198 $99 / month

(50% off for a limited time)

Monthly subscription for engineers looking to ace coding interviews. We will have two live sessions every week. Every week a new coding pattern is discussed.

  • Two Live Sessions Per Week

  • Private Slack Community

  • Grokking The Coding Patterns

  • Recordings Available for Later Viewing

  • Eight Sessions Per Month

  • Cancel Anytime

algoLAB Masterclass

(50% off for a limited time)

8-week intense coding, design, and behavioral training. Ultimate Prep Package!
Retake sessions anytime in the full year.

  • Two Live Sessions Per Week

  • Private Slack Community

  • Grokking The Coding Patterns

  • Recordings Available for Later Viewing

  • Mock Interviews

  • Grokking The System Design

  • Behavioral Mindset and STAR Method Coaching

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Resume Review

  • Salary Negotiation Coaching

  • Job Success Mindset Training

  • Referrals in Top Companies*

  • Retake the sessions anytime throughout the year

  • Support For Full 1-Year

*Referrals are only given to participants with a minimum of 80% participation in live sessions and championing the high standards.

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Feel free to message us, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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Guest Speakers and Coaches

Our guest speakers and coaches have worked at the top companies in the world.

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Become our partner and help software engineers level up their careers.Our cohort-based program prepares engineers for technical interviews at top companies.
You can refer candidates to our program and earn $500 for each conversion.
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Frequently Asked Questions

algoLAB deadlines and important dates
Who is the algoLAB for?
What is the time commitment?

algoLAB Masterclass deadlines and important datesAugust 2022 session - Applications open
Masterclass start date: August 1st
Meeting times: Every day between 6 pm and 9 pm Pacific Time.algoLAB Coding Live Course deadlines and important datesAugust 2022 session - Applications open throughout the year.Meeting times: Every day between 6 pm and 9 pm Pacific Time.

Who is the algoLAB for?Common goals of students:1. Level up current coding skills
2. Transition career
3. Increase their total compensation
4. Join a FAANG or similar company
5. Be ready for difficult times
The average age gives important insight into the goals of our students. With 3+ years of software development experience for most, they have developed coding skills, experience, and knowledge and are now looking for what’s next. How they can ace coding interviews in top companies.Career Level: Mid-level or aboveWork experience: 1 year or more software engineering experienceWho it's not for...
The algoLAB is not for people who have just started to learn to program.
We do not cover language basics, syntax, IDE, and common software development tools.It’s also not for people who care about certificates or grades. We are unaccredited, informal, and non-bureaucratic. We don't give tests or grades.Who can join?
Anyone can join. algoLAB does not discriminate based on age, gender, location, ethnicity, race, religion, social status, or any other such background.

What is the time commitment for masterclass?Masterclass Duration: 8 weeksTime commitment: 2 hours per day are recommended.What is the time commitment for Coding Live Course?Time commitment: Minimum of 3 hours per week for the live sessions.

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